Spring has arrived. I have been travelling a lot during winter to develop my game for the upcoming tournaments. I started the season by travelling to Florida for 6 weeks. I practiced with Antti Ahokas in West Palm Beach area for first three weeks. Last three weeks I worked on my game in Orlando with Antti, Roope Kakko and Minni Blomqvist-Kakko. We had some good matches there and got a little bit of tournament feeling.



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Playing background

I started playing golf when I was 9 years old. Football was my number 1 sport until the age of 14, when I started to focus on golf. I liked to practice individually and be responsible of my own scores and not so much about the team. One reason for picking golf was also that we had a great group of juniors at my home club, Kymen Golf.

European Young Masters in Austria was my first tournament abroad. I was sixteen then and didn’t know much about competitive golf. I think that tournament opened my eyes for the future. Next two years I played in the Finnish National Team (u18). In the Team I got to play many tournaments abroad and I still remember being 3rd in German Boys. I was successful in Finland and won the Finnish Junior Championship on my last junior season.

I played four years in the men’s National Team. Again I was successful in Finland and won Finnish Championship two times. I didn’t achieve big things in European amateur tournaments but I learnt a lot about playing in different type of conditions.

The greatest achievement was to win a team tournament Copa Tailhade in Argentina with Miro Veijalainen. In Finland I won Nordic League tournament Finnish Open and couple of Finnish Tour tournaments.


Professional career

2013 was my first year as a professional golfer. The year started really well in Nordic League Winter series tournaments. I finished 2nd on my first two events.  Success continued on Challenge Tour couple weeks after when I finished 2nd in Challenge de Madrid. With that 2nd place finish I got to play pretty much full season on Challenge Tour. The rest of the season wasn’t so successful but I secured an almost-full Challenge Tour card for the next year as well. My second year on CT didn’t go as I had planned. I end up losing my card and my self-confidence was very low.

For the third professional year I went to play in Nordic League. It really started the same way the last one end. Little by little I got my confidence back and started to win tournaments. In the end I won 5 tournaments and the overall ranking. By winning the ranking I got a full card on CT again.

I started the fourth year full of expectations and with a huge self-confidence. I didn’t start the year so well and the confidence dropped a little. I was able to play some really good rounds but not a solid four-round tournament. The year was a disappointment but I will come back strong in 2017!



Born: 21.5.1990
Started playing golf: 1999
Home club: Kymen Golf, Kotka
Start of Professional career: 2013
Trademark: Straw hat 
Height and weight: 187cm ja 84kg
billiard, tennis, movies, biographies

Playing profile

My strengths in golf are long drives and putting. My goal is to become better in iron shots so I can take advantage from my long drives. I try to play bold but smart.



Ecco Tour player of the year 2015

NorthSide Charity Challenge, Nordic League 2015 1.

Ecco German Masters, Nordic League 2015 1.

Finnish Open, Nordic League 2015 1.

Made in Denmark European Tour Qualifier - by Ejner Hessel, Nordic League 2015 1.

Kristianstad Åhus Open, Nordic League 2015 1.

Challenge de Madrid 2013 2.

Challenge Tour Ranking 2013 72.

Finnish Open 2012 1.

2 x Finnish Strokeplay Champion (2011 ja 2012)

2 x Finnish Strokeplay Silver medal

2 x Finnish Strokeplay Bronze medal

Best athlete in my hometown, Kotka 2011

Copa Tailhade, Argentiina, 2010, 1. (couples tournament)


Tapio Pulkkanen
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